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Being a business owner can feel overwhelming and trying to manage every aspect of running your business can take more hours than there are in a day. LHF Connections can help create capacity in your business by taking care of the tasks that distract you from developing your business. 

LHF Connections has the skills, knowledge and experience you need to cut down your to-do list. We specialise in Administration, Executive Management, Committee Management and Board Management. Take a breath and let LHF Connections provide the expert support that you need to free up your time and focus on your core business. 

LHF Connections will take the pressure off so you can focus on your core business

There are many areas that we can assist you in your business:

  • Review: administrative processes, procedures, skills and capabilities

  • Create: high quality and well-formatted presentations, documents & reports.

  • Maintain: quality control of documents

  • Manage: diaries, meetings, conferences, committees, Boards

  • Capture: meeting minutes, transcriptions of interviews, presentations and more

  • Refine: processes and procedures

  • Research: information gathering, analysis and synthesis 

  • Network: build team collaboration and connections to other experts as necessary

  • Software: review of software programs and customisation to meet the needs of your business 

  • Project Management: review and manage project priorities and procedures to ensure timely completion 

  • Onboarding: analyse and develop onboarding and upskilling processes

  • Strategy: develop implementation plans for improved productivity and profitability

How does it work?

Virtual Executive Assistants carry out most of the activities that a personal assistant and executive assistant carry out. In addition to PA & EA support LHF Connections provides governance, business start-up and strategy support. 

With cloud-based software, using a Virtual Executive Assistant is straightforward and our service agreement guarantees confidentiality. To get started, we suggest a scoping call to discuss your needs, explore how you like to work, and if our working styles are compatible. The next step is on-boarding which involves an introduction to the business, relevant systems and confirmation of areas of responsibility. 

VEA's typically have numerous clients and work flexibly to meet the needs of all clients. To ensure your needs are met, a number of engagement options are available - ad hoc assistance, a set number of hours a week or a nominated day every week. 

Australian based expert executive support with over twenty 
years of EA experience 


One of the advantages of using a VEA is flexibility! This flexibility extends to pricing structures to match your business needs without the liabilities of a permanent staff member. The majority of our clients are based on monthly rates with fixed hours, bringing peace of mind and a clear view of the investment. We have set hourly rates (available for ad hoc and fixed commitments) and are very happy to discuss package options to address your unique requirements. 

Hiring administrative support comes with hidden costs for businesses; from superannuation, annual leave, sick leave, equipment, and overheads. With a VEA you can skip the expenses and get the benefit of over 20 years of experience. It's a win-win. 

As President of Hornsby Chamber of Commerce, I have had the pleasure of working with Laura for a number of years and would highly recommend her.  She is dedicated, professional and highly knowledgeable in many areas of running the backend of a business and association.  Laura is motivated, with exceptional organisational skills and I have often benefitted from her ability to keep us on track to meet vital deadlines.  

About LHF Connections

Laura Face 2020.jpg

Passionate about developing governance, sustainable processes and business standards for small businesses and not-for-profits, Laura Fletcher started LHF Connections in 2018. Having worked in corporate and not-for-profit sectors for over 20 years, Laura has extensive experience as an Executive Assistant and in board governance. 

EA's make great VEA's because their role is to facilitate the executive's ability to effectively lead. Acting as the point of contact among executives, employees, clients and other external partners, communication and stakeholder management is a core skill. Laura will manage information flow in a timely and accurate manner and is confident handling tasks that have a direct effect on the success of the business. This includes assisting with special projects; designing and producing complex documents, reports, and presentations; collecting and preparing information for meetings with staff and outside parties.

With extensive experience in all of the above, LHF Connections has the skills to add value to your business, create efficiencies . 

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